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League City, Texas, USA
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Weather and Weather Station Archives

Sept 2015 Station: Installed Davis FARS (Fan aspirated radiation shield) last weekend of Sept to help with erroneous temperature readings over the last few years in the 3-5 pm range. Fan helps to draw air over the temperature/humidity sensor to lower chances of direct sunlight in low wind conditions, thus keeping temperature reading at normal.
July 2014

Weather: It's been a long while since updating this page, but am hoping to do so more regularly now. This month stands out as one of the more unique ones in many years. July 19 and then again July 31st, cold fronts actually made it through the forecast area and offshore! This hasn't happened in years and may hopefully signal a change from the hot/humid conditions we've had over the past 5-6 years (death ridge main causal factor). Click link for image showing first front offshore July 19th.

Station: The new HD weather webcam is being designed and built at this time. Brother Phil and I are hoping to have it up and operational in mid-September if all goes well.

June 2014  
Dec 2013

Weather: Early season cold snaps in late November (Thanksgiving) and first week of December bringing artic air from Canada due to persistent blocking ridges on each U.S. coast. Unusually cold for this early in season with December 6-11 temps holding in 30's-40's for highs and lows the same. Could it be a cold winter this year? Me hoping so!!

Station: Plans in the works for a new HD or nearly HD weather webcam replacement to existing cam. Noticing sluggish cam movements and also moisture buildup inside of the camera dome.

Feb 2013

Weather: Warmer than normal February thus far with temperatures running 5+ degrees above normal on average. Rainfall on average has been close to normal, but all signs point to a dry and warmer than normal Spring at this point.

Station: New optically correct dome installed on outdoor webcam and new anemometer unit installed as well. Hopefully will get better wind direction indications and speeds as old unit had bad bearings it appears.

Jan 2013

Weather: A cold pattern the beginning of the month with quick transition to less rainfall and much warmer than normal temperatures mid month.

Station: Soon installing new optically correct dome to remove some sort of build up in older dome caused by camera degredation. Also, new anemometer to be installed soon as the old one giving some erroneous readings.

Dec 2012 Weather: Finally some cooler temperatures, but still above norms for early December. Much needed rain returned as well after the very dry November.
Nov 2012 Weather: Unusually warm and mild month very little rain as well.
Oct 2012

Weather: October has shaped up to be warmer than expected, at least thru later part of the month with little rainfall overall. Strong arctic front arriving 26th to hopefully bring cooler and more seasonal temperatures and rain chances. Winter forecast calling for average temperatures with slightly above average precipitation chances.

Station: New computer doing very well as system has been online without glitches, shy of the update shutdown/restarts for over a month and a half now. New cam soon to be fitted for the weather webcam!

Sept 2012

Weather: Unusually early weather pattern has allowed a Canadian pooled cold front to push through the area Sept 8th. Cooler temperatures and lower humidities for next few days. Hoping this will be a cooler/wetter winter as opposed to the La Nina pattern of last yearl

Station: Sept 8, 2012. Transferred all weather station software to new Win XP machine this date with help from my brother Phil. Much more stable platform/computer and hoping this will solve the rather common system failures recently.

June-Aug 2012 No updates
May 2012 Weather: Dry and warm start to the month until strong Upper Level low approaches West/W/Central Texas May 11-12 triggering heavy rains for 2 days to the local greater Houston metro area. A warm front has been focus for the heaviest daily totals May 12, with some local areas receiving upwards of 7" of rain. Interesting note that as of today, this station has recorded more rain in 5 months and 12 days than the entire rain collected by this station for all of 2011!!
Apr 2012

Weather: Continued warm to start the month with rain, albeit intermittent, continuing. Severe outbreak of storms and tornadoes in Dallas metroplex on the 3rd. Thankfully, the drought situation is improving and hoping that the overall pattern continues to bring rain chances in the short/long term.

Station: Still fine tuning things. Am almost ready to lauch the newly desinged cell phone pages. Unfortunately, the animated radar won't work on I-devices like IPad since they don't support shockwave Flash animations.

Mar 2012 No updates
Feb 2012 No updates
Jan 2012

Weather: Rather uneventful start to the new year. Cooler than normal temps first few days of the months with very warm (above average) highs the 7/8th. Good chance of rain 9th and ended up with nearly 3 inches at this station. Heavy rain and severe storm event Jan 24-25th.

Station: With help of my brother, weather webcam is up and running. Installed in homemade box built by us both. In testing phase, needs shoring as it moves in wind gusts of 10kts or better. Also, installed new graphics acceleration card that dramatically smooths/clarifies all radar images. Also adding regional and zoom radar images for our users. Weather Webcam V2.0 has been made and is being tested before installation.

Dec 2011

Weather:Finally, cooler and somewhat wetter pattern emerged the 2nd week of December and continued through til the end of the month with some much needed rain.

Station: With help of my brother, have setup and nearly ready to install wireless IP weather webcam. Can be accessed now live on the site.

Oct/Nov 2011 No updates these months. Wife in hospital and sadly, God rest her soul, passed away November 17th.
Sept 2011 Weather: Tropical storm Lee forms in Central GOM beginning of the month and makes landfall south of Lafayette, LA. Little to no impacts from the system except for some gusty winds and a grand total of .15" of rain.
Aug 2011

Weather:Meteorologists and others call the high pressure ridge/dome the ridge of death...gotta love it. This month starting with the dome over North and Central Texas with excessive heat in the area over 100 degrees and points North of here 105-109 or so. Humidity is high as well causing heat advisories locally. Rest of month was rather uneventful, except for record breaking heat across the area and state for that matter. Drought still extreme and hoping for an early cold front to bring a pattern change and some much needed rain...even if just a small amount.

Station: Continuing work on tropical pages as the season continues. Minor changes to a few pages.

July 2011

Weather:Typical June weather for this area with the pesky High pressure dome moving back and forth across northern Texas and East/West. This has kept a cap for the most part on our rain chances but left a few openings for rain mid month, albeit not a drought buster. Fortunately enough rain fell to remove the mandatory watering restrictions late in the month.

Station: Continuing work on tropical pages as the season continues. Minor changes to a few pages.

June 2011

Weather: Beginning of June was very hot and dry, moreso than usual. A few convective systems approached the greater Houston area but have left League City basically high and dry. Finally, June 22 brought some area-wide much needed rain to the area with this station recording 1.2" of precipitation over the June 21-23 time frame. Not a drought buster by any means, but much needed rains indeed.

Station: Continuing work on tropical pages as the season continues. Minor changes to a few pages.

May 2011

Weather: May has been nothing short of totally uneventful. Nearly no rain for the month at this station and the drought has continued. The warm nose cap has been in place most of the month which has limited many chances for showers and thunderstorms in the area. Indications are though that the first week of June will transition to the classic summer-time pattern with movement of the East coast ridge to the West and allowing a day breeze/sea breeze pattern to evolve. Should this happen, rain chances will probably go up to the classic 20% daily as is typical for this time of year.

Station: Working diligently on the tropical pages as hurricane season begins on June 1st. Lots of pages added and modified.

April 2011

Weather: Early April is once again dry. As of the 10th, 27 days straight with no rainfall over a trace (.02"). As of the 29th, still no rain. Now at 46 days with no rain more than a trace! Meanwhile, station recorded lowest barometer readings to date on the 27/28th, corresponding to what will probably be the most destructive outbreak of tornados and severe weather in the nation's history...over 230+ dead in AL, MS, TN, and GA. God bless them all.

Station: Added satellite and lightning summary pages. Changed the 5 day forecast page to where users can select from multiple local specific places for pin point forecasts. Changed overall menu and updating as new pages added. Added Storms/Forecasts menu with Storm Prediction Center outlooks and daily reports. Added Galveston Bay tides page under local forecast/advisories. Added local and national storm report pages.

March 2011

Weather: Finally, after 2 1/2 weeks of no measureable rainfall, a Pacific cold front brings our area much needed rain Sat, Mar 6. Very dry overall month and temperatures some 10 degrees above normal to finish out the month.

Station: Added radar page to website which has national/regional and local radar views including satellite overlays. Made change to software to hopefully eliminate the occasional logging of trace rain amounts due to morning dew. Beginning work on storms/lightning pages. Next month plan to start the tropical pages in preparaton for hurricane season.

February 2011

Weather: Very cold arctic cold snap began February 1st due to a polar tilting of a West Coast ridge and associated jetstream. This anomoly was in place for nearly 2 weeks with low temperatures area wide in the 20's and 30's with highs struggling into the 50's. Some areas had widespread freezing rain/drizzle early in the month as well. Pattern shifted back to normal around the 13th with little subsequent rainfall and warmer than normal seasonal temperatures.

Station: Minor tweaks to station. Temperature sensor being recalibrated due to very slight variations compared to other local stations. Personally received NWS Skywarn Spotter Training and certified as such February 22 with my brother being certified as well.

January 2011

Weather: Very cold arctic cold snap began January 9th with arctic air arriving that date. Freezing temps around 29-30 degree range Jan 11-12 with very high barometer readings so far. Station high wind gust to date of 42.5 mph Jan 9.

Station: Added barometric pressure to detail charts. Working on a tropical page for the upcoming Season. Should have this completed by March time frame.

December 2010

Weather: December started as a relatively dry month with only just over .4" of rain in the first 23 days. Near above normal drought conditions were forecasted to begin during the early part of the month and last well into the first Qrtr of 2011. Temperatures varied widely, with most average temps 5 degrees or so above normal, attributed to the LaNina weather patterns.

Station: Few upgrades were made during the month, most notably the detailed and summary charts for wind/temperature and rain.


November 2010 Weather: November was a very wet month, contrary to climate predictions of below average precipitation totals. This station recorded a 1 day rain total of 6.48" on Nov 2. See this image showing rain totals around the area for the 3 days between Nov 1-3, 2010.